Aiken County Sheriff's Office

Shots Fired Calls Leads to the Arrest of the Shooter

Warrenville, SC (11 May 2020, 11:00 am) – Last night, May 10th, deputies responded to the 3200 block of Augusta Road for reports of gun fire. Around 8:30 pm, after responding deputies arrived in the area on Augusta Road, they found a homeowner who told them he was shot at. While he and two (2) others were outside, he heard shots ring out and ran for cover inside his home. He later found several bullet holes in the side of his home where he and the other friend were standing. Witnesses who saw the shooter said that he is a White male wearing a white t-shirt with jeans, left his car in the road after the shooting and ran away from the scene. As the investigation progressed, the Aiken Blood Hound Tracking Team, deputies and investigators found vehicle located near the shooting scene, a rifle in nearby dumpster and other evidence based on information provided by witnesses in the area.

Deputies located and arrested Joseph Christopher Hanson (26) of North Augusta near the shooting location. Hanson was taken to the Aiken County Detention Center where he was booked on one count of Attempted Murder and one count of Possession of a Weapon during a Violent Crime. More charges may be forthcoming.